A Flowering Site!

Welcome to this site where you can find

a lot of flowering images from events and

exhibitions designed over the years by

Gunnar Kaj.


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Gunnar Kaj

Tegnérlunden 9

SE 111 61 Stockholm



Inspirational lectures about flowers at Nobel Prize banquets and in a lot of other places.  

Gunnar Kaj talks about his work as a floral designer and about colour, form and composition. A large collection of beautiful pictures of floral arrangements from exhibitions and functions provide inspiration and ideas about how to use flowers.

How do you go about a Nobel Prize banquet? With eleven years’ experience, Gunnar Kaj chats informally about the preparations and working with other designers for the event. How do you manage thousands of flowers without them withering in advance? How do you keep your creative senses at your fingertips while pointing around at the same time? Gunnar Kaj presents his ideas on colour and form and the creative process in an inspirational way.

The lectures have several variations on a theme and can be formulated specifically to the listeners’ requirements. Contact gunnar@kaj.se